This year I finally had the opportunity to go to NTI, with the help of a scholarship from my school. For my first time, I would have to say that it was overall exciting and overwhelming. There was so much to do and learn.


If you’re a nurse or APRN I highly recommend you attend, you don’t have to be a critical care nurse just because it’s the AACN, they welcome everyone! For bedside nurses there were courses on specific emergencies for specific specialties such as neuro and trauma, hemodynamic monitoring, and even career and graduate school. For APRNs there were courses on prescribing IVFs and other treatments, outcomes management, a cadaver lab and line placement simulation. But again like I said, everyone was welcome at any course. I didn’t get to do the cadaver lab this time around but I plan to next year.


Don’t worry; I definitely had fun outside the conference. Wherever they go, city-wise, there’s always something to do so if you decide you don’t want to sit in different conference sessions all day, you can go and explore the city. Don’t feel bad; more people than you think are doing it as well because if they’re like me, they’re using this trip as a mini vacation as well.

Again, I HIGHLY recommend attending NTI if you can. You meet a variety of great nurses and great people. I can’t wait until next year, which is in Houston May 22-25; hope to see you there!


3 responses to “NTI

  1. This looks like a great conference. As a FNP that has worked in the ER, the central line placement would definitely be something I would like to learn.


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