Ways to Deal with Stress During a 12 Hour Shift


Okay so this isn’t really during your shift but doing yoga before work has great benefits on how you handle stress throughout the day. Yoga allows you to relax and get in the right mindset. This in turn effects how you handle and address certain situations you may encounter during that day. All you need to do is take 10-15 minutes (it doesn’t need to be a full session) to just stretch and envision how you want your day to go. If you go to work and you’re relaxed, energized and balanced, then chances are your going to approach your day with a great attitude. If you go to work and you’re tense, and in a bad mood then your day is more likely to go south fast. Sometimes just the way we look at things can change the outcome.

Walk away (if you can).

First of all only do this IF YOUR PATIENT IS STABLE. Once you’ve determined this, remove yourself from the stressful situation. Go to a safe spot (your break room), somewhere you can be alone, sit, cool down and just reflect. Trust me, it’s much better to do this than to stay and say what is on your mind in the moment. It almost always never ends well and you end up regretting what had transpired, and looking unprofessional.

Vent to a trusted coworker in the break room- just one though.

So you’ve walked away, taken some time, and it’s still on your mind. Vent to a friend if you need to (just one though, you don’t want to start sounding gossipy). Some of us re-approach situations better once we’ve talked it out with someone else. Gotten what we need out of head so we can see the situation clearly.


So often our day gets super busy that we forget to do this one thing. Stop and just breathe. Collect ourselves. Sometimes we just need to stop for 5 minutes and have some “mental time” to re-focus, to remember why we chose the career we did and that after a certain amount of time, you get to leave. You get to go home to your husband, wife, and/or children (or glass of wine), the people you’re working for, so getting through the rest of that 12 hour shift should be not problem!

Snack healthfully.

Sometimes our stress easily comes because we haven’t taken the time to take care of ourselves, so we are frustrated when we’re being criticized for taking care of others, and neglecting ourselves. Make sure your always trying to be at your best. If that means taking 5 minutes to snack so you don’t bite somebody’s head off, do it!

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