New Mommy Nurse Tip: Stretch Marks, How to Prevent them

IMAG0364I was lucky enough this first time around to not have gotten stretch marks, but I also did just about everything in my control to prevent them. Not that they’re a bad thing, I admire those women that flaunt them proudly. It’s just that unless you are very confident with yourself (which I admit that 70% of the time I am not), stretch marks can make you feel even LESS confident about yourself, especially when the thought of wearing a bikini comes into your head. On average 90 percent of women get stretch marks during pregnancy so in all actuality, it is pretty common. Be that as it may, there are still things that you can do to reduce the chance or severity of them.

Gain weight gradually.

This ties to maintaining a diet high in nutrients and low in junk. As stated previously, pregnancy is not an excuse to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. And, if done so, the end results are those lovely streaks on your tummy and thighs. Try to gradually gain weight by taking in a healthy balanced diet (notice I said balanced, so you can still have a sweet or salty treat) with small frequent meals so you resist the urge to constantly snack on that bag of chips or those brownies you’ve been craving. Gradual weight gain allows your body to adjust to your growing belly with ease, putting less stress on your skin, leading to less stretch mark activity.

Welcome to your First Trimester_126.jpg

Moisturize twice a day (at least).

I moisturized in the morning after I got up and at night after my shower, right before bed. Which moisturizer (or lotion) you use is going to make a difference in how moist your skin stays. Make sure which ever one you choose is enriched with vitamin E and or Shea butter, this will allow more elasticity to those skin fibers which means your going to get easier stretch from your skin. What I have found is that the thicker it is, the better. I personally put together my own concoction of 100% Shea butter and vitamin E butter and they worked wonders!


Stay hydrated.

This one is obvious but I still feel like I should mention it because it is key. You should be doing this anyways because you’re growing an extra person but hydration is very important for your skin as well. Hydrated skin stretches better, without tearing, while dry skin does not. It’s as simple as drinking your 8-10 glasses of water a day, yet hard to actually follow through with (especially in the registered nurse world when you’re working those 12 hour shifts).



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